• How to Effectively and Safely Sanitize Equipment Surfaces
  • Two Active Ingredients in Equipment Sanitizing
  • Basic Theory Behind the Safety of the Reusable Towel
  • Disinfecting Enveloped Viruses (COVID-19)
  • Allaying Member Fears With Good Cleaning Protocols
  • During the pandemic, as always, meeting the needs of our GymValet customers is priority #1:

    "GymValet is super helpful! Everywhere our members turn, the sanitizing supplies are right there. GymValet gives our members the confidence that they are working out in a clean and safe environment. GymValet is terrific for us to be able safely and efficiently train our members. GymValet represents a golden opportunity for us to raise the level of confidence our members and potential members have [and will have] in us."

    Joey Motsay, Owner
    Positive Stress Workout
    Greensboro, NC
    February 8, 2021

    "I love your equipment cleaning solution! My [Pilates] Reformer beds are in perfect condition. They look brand new after two years of continuous use. The solution doesn't "stink" [referring to no added fragrance] like so many other solutions do. The solution does the cleaning and sanitizing job and doesn't ruin my equipment. Thank you!"

    Michelle Bouquet, Owner
    Toned Body Pilates
    Stuart, FL
    February 10, 2021

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    GymValet® is the perfect holder for sanitizing spray bottles and towels. It easily attaches directly to all strength training and cardio equipment. With the GymValet, equipment sanitizing supplies are precisely where they need to be—right at every exercisers' fingertips. The GymValet has been helping fitness centers around the world keep a clean environment since 2006.

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    If you are looking for one-stop shopping for the industry's best fitness equipment cleaning and sanitizing supplies, please check out the Gymvalet Equipment Cleaning System.
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