Frequently Asked Questions

What types of equipment was the GymValet designed for?
The GymValet was designed to attach to virtually all exercise equipment. The GymValet provides right-at-hand cleaning convenience for both strength training and cardiovascular training equipment, e.g. Selectorized and Plate Loaded strength training; treadmills, ellipticals, steppers, upright, recumbent and group cycling bikes, upper body ergometers, and rowing machines. Every piece of fitness equipment would benefit from the GymValet.

How does the GymValet address differences in equipment frame circumferences, shapes, and angular orientations?
The GymValet fits virtually all equipment frame shapes, circumferences, and angular orientations.

The frames on some equipment have a large circumference. Will the GymValet fit on these frames?

The GymValet fits virtually all shapes and sizes of equipment frames. The GymValet is shipped with 19-inch straps that aid in securing the GymValet to the frame of your equipment.

While the two regular size GymValet straps accommodate virtually all strength and cardiovascular equipment brands/models, there are some exceptions. Please contact GymValet / B & D Specialty Concepts for atypical placement questions.

How do you keep the GymValet from slipping down the frame?
Our patent pending strapping system prevents the GymValet from slipping and sliding, even under the most rugged conditions. Just pull the sturdy rubber-backed hook and loop attachment straps as tight as necessary to eliminate ALL GymValet movement. If you do experience some minor slipping/rotating on small circumference (round) tubing, wipe the rubber surfaces of the attachment piece and the attachment straps with an alcohol swab. That should eliminate the movement problem.

My new strength training equipment has shrouds covering the weight stack.
Can I attach the GymValet to this equipment?

Yes, you can attach GymValets to "shrouded" weight-stack equipment. Some equipment will accommodate easy threading of the strap between the shroud and the frame. On other equipment, a little pressure on the plastic shroud will create enough of a gap to thread the strap through. Equipment support frames are frequently the most accessible and optimal attachment site.  

Generally, there is a place on every machine for the GymValet. Call GymValet / B & D for specific placement recommendations.

What is your Return Policy?
• Unused items must be returned within 15 days of receipt for refund credit.
• A 15% restocking fee will apply to all returns.
• Customers must call GymValet / B & D Specialty Concepts to receive return authorization.
• Orders must be shipped postage paid to our offices.
• Refunds will be in credited in kind. If you paid by check, we will refund you with a check--if you made your purchase using a credit card, we will issue you a credit to the same card. All approved refunds will occur within 2-4 weeks of receiving the return.

Terms of Payment
Orders are requested to be paid in advance of shipment, via credit card. For all orders placed via Purchase Order, terms of payment are as noted on the Invoice. "Payment Upon Receipt" (without a PO) is not available. Late payments are subject to a 1½% monthly interest charge, compounded, on the total amount due retroactive to the end of the pre-arranged payment period.

What warranty do I get with the GymValet?
There is a one year limited warranty on all parts. GymValet / B & D reserves the right to not honor the warranty on a product determined to have been abused or handled improperly. Customers will be asked to send the defective part(s) or unit(s) back to GymValet / B & D for evaluation, at the customer's expense, If the returned part(s) is (are) determined to be faulty, GymValet / B& D will send back the replacement(s) at no cost to the customer.

How do I clean the GymValet?
Minor cleaning can be accomplished by reaching down into the GymValet with a wetted towel, and wiping all accessible surfaces. More thorough cleaning can (simply) be accomplished by removing the GymValet from the attachment fitting, and cleaning the component parts. The GymValet is made of sturdy plastic, so most cleaning solutions will not damage or discolor the GymValet. The GymValet is also dishwasher safe. NOTE:  Prolonged contact with cleaning solutions such as Simple Green can damage the GymValet--and your fitness equipment also. Please refer to the Elite GymValet System section of the web site for recommended cleaning solutions.

What if I find that the initial placement position of the GymValet is not ideal?
No problem. The GymValet was engineered and designed for easy removal, and repositioning. Just follow the instructions for removal, and re-installation.

What type and size bottles do you recommend to use with the GymValet?
The GymValet will accommodate round bottles up to 32 oz. GymValet / B & D recommends using 24 oz. or 32 oz. round bottles to maximize the time between re-filling.

Could you recommend a good cleaning/sanitizing solution?
While most   high quality broad-spectrum disinfectant solution will be effective for cleaning/sanitizing, some formulations are known to be harsh/destructive on the plastic and vinyl surfaces of fitness equipment and the GymValet. One such solution is Simple Green."  With any solution, be sure to adhere to the dilution ratio recommended by the manufacturer. Please check out the Elite GymValet System for our recommendations (assortment of) industry specific cleaning/sanitizing solutions.

We currently use a paper towel bottle and spray bottle cleaning system. Why do we need the GymValet?
Convenience! Paper towel dispensers are large, bulky, and unsightly. Therefore, they are normally placed on perimeter walls or support posts. Frequently, the spray bottle is positioned with, or on, the dispenser. Why inconvenience your members to walk to a perimeter or central sight? Respect your exercisers' workout time and their right to exercise on clean and sanitary equipment.

We do not have laundry facilities or a towel service at our club. How can we use the GymValet to improve our paper towel based system?
Standard paper towels, either individual sheets or pulled from a roll (roll dispenser system), will work fine with the GymValet. While paper towel dispensers are usually too heavy and bulky to be placed on individual machines, and instead are placed on perimeter walls or centrally located support poles, the GymValet places the cleaning solution bottle right at/on individual machines, thereby offering the exerciser the right-at-hand convenience of refreshing their paper towel with cleaning solution. Everybody's a winner with this system: Your equipment is clean and safe for use, the exerciser does not have to waste their exercise time seeking remote paper towel and spray bottle placements, and convenient refreshing of a paper towel is environmentally sound and friendly! The net result is less paper waste, maximized workout time, and a clean and safe workout environment!! Do you realize how much you spend on paper???

If our cardiovascular equipment already has a built-in drink bottle holder, should we still put a GymValet on that piece?
Many built-in drink bottle holders do not provide a firm/steady platform for holding a bottle. The bottles vibrate and rattle--which can be very annoying to the exerciser. Additionally NO fitness equipment has a SAFE place to store a towel!

What about the exercise towel? Most frequently on treadmills, the exerciser's towel is draped over the bar in front of them. If the towel isn't replaced properly on the bar, it frequently falls down to the treadmill belt below, creating a great safety risk for the exerciser. The act of LOOKING DOWN, watching the towel fall, can cause the exerciser to lose balance and fall off of the treadmill. Research has shown that one of the most common reasons exercisers fall off of treadmills is "watching" their towel fall underfoot.

With the GymValet, the exerciser's drink bottle and towel are securely and conveniently stored off to the side of the treadmill. Therefore, there is virtually no chance that a misplaced towel will trip-up the exerciser. The GymValet helps to create a much safer workout environment.

Please!!! Do not forget/ignore the importance of offering convenient access to an equipment cleaning system. Sweat is the acid rain of the fitness industry. Convenient cleaning is your guarantee of   protecting your investment in your equipment and your exercisers.

WARNING!! Please DO NOT put sanitizing bottles in drink bottle holders provided by equipment manufacturers.

What is the Elite GymValet System?
The Elite GymValet System is the best selection of complimentary products for the GymValet: Spray Bottles, Trigger Sprayers (Foaming and Non-Foaming), Towels, Cleaning Solutions, and Hand Sanitizers. We've assembled the best selection of complimentary supplies available on the market at very competitive prices. GymValet / B & D offers one-stop-shopping for the industry's best supplies.   Stop looking--we've done the work for you!